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Actress Anu Agarwal Photos | Profiles | Pictures

Quick introduction

Actress Anu Agarwal is an Indian film actress and previously had a brief experience in modeling. She is known to the cinema industry through her performance in films of Aashiqui, The Cloud Door and Thiruda Thiruda.

 Anu Agarwal Actress Photos

 Bio data

Actress Anu Agarwal was born on 11 January 1969 in New Delhi and grown up in Chennai. She received higher education at Delhi University and was a medalist in the subject of Sociology during her degree studies. She is used to live in Bihar. She is single and practices yoga and fine art beside Atul Dodiya.


After she graduated, she briefly engaged in modeling and television industry and later entered into cinema. She firstly appeared in the film of bollywood  with the musical hit Aashiqui. Unfortunately, she met with a deadly accident while she was traveling in a car in Mumbai. After the accident, she was hospitalized at BreachCandyHospital and she was on coma for 29 days.

She never dreamed of being a heroine while performing at her first film Aashiqui. Mahesh Bhatt was behind her success as he was the person convinced her to play the female lead role in the film of 1992. She was thinking to produce a film by her own and later she gave up that idea. She couldn’t go for that as she had lot of work during the  ‘Aashiqui’ and negative press releases and statement commenting her bold roles she did, and also cinema industry rumors and unnecessary male fans attentions disturbed her much. She quickly concluded her acting assignments in a professional way and left for another country to continue her life.

In 1994, I had completed all the films she had. In 1995 she started a travel overseas and no any clue what she was doing. In 1997, she engaged much in Yoga. She says that she liked that life, that discipline and that mystery.


 When she met with that fatal accident in 1999, she was half-paralyzed and lost memory for sometime. She even forgot that she was a big film star in Bollywood.  She said in an interview that her 2nd life started after she woke up from the 29 day long coma. She said that she didn’t know the meaning of words and languages when she the coma over. She said even she was not conversant in English;  she was able to speak English than Hindi.  She had no knowledge of history, geography or culture. Even she  didn’t know Anu Aggarwal and she refused to accept that and wondering what was about Anu Aggarwal.  She has bit knowledge on counseling that she have acquired over the last few years and started to heal people by doing counseling.


  1. Return of Jewel Thief (1996)
  2. Kanyadaan (Assamese film) (1995)
  3. Janam Kundali (1995)
  4. The Cloud Door (1995)
  5. BPL Oye! (1994)
  6. Khalnayika (1993)
  7. King Uncle (1993)
  8. Thiruda Thiruda (Tamil film) (1993)
  9. Khal-Nayika (1993)
  10. Ghazab Tamasha (1992)
  11. Aashiqui (1990)

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